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The Science section guides you through the basics of hydrogen and fuel cells, and the different types of fuel cells and their applications. 

The Basics of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Types

Fuel cells are classified by the type of electrolyte that they use. In Canada, the three main types of fuel cells in development are proton exchange membrane, direct methanol, and solid oxide.  Visit the Fuel Cell Types page to learn about the science and applications of different fuel cells such as Proton Exchange Membrane, Solid Oxide, Direct Methanol, Alkaline and Phosphoric Acid.

Fuel Cell Applications

An ‘application’ is how something is put to use.  Fuel cells are used in the four following main areas or applications. Click on the fuel cell application for more information.

  • Portable - for small devices such as cell phones and flash lights
  • Stationary - for small to large power supplies such as a power plant
  • Mobile - for vehicles such as trucks, cars, bicycles, forklifts
  • Distributed Generation (watch video “Improving the Grid”) - for on-site power supply